Saturday, September 26, 2009

Surprise, surprise!

I lost 2.2lbs today, which was a bit surprising. I thought that I lost at least a pound, because I felt it, but I didn't expect it to be two pounds. I feel good about the loss, I just have to keep going. I have 62.2lbs to lose before my reaching my "goal" of 175 lbs. I cannot believe that I have come this far and don't have far to go, even though to some 62 lbs is a lot lose. However, because I had almost 200 lbs to lose, 62 lbs seems "doable". It may take a year or more to reach my goal, but I'm okay with that.

The kid and I had a fun week. We did lots of walking. Here are some photos:

These photos were taken on Mercer Island last week. We walked on a small trail and she got to play at a park. It was such a beautiful day.

Today, we plan to get out as a family to do some activity. Today is World Wide Day of Play, so the kid, husband and I plan to do some activity. I know she wants to go to the park and I want to walk so I can get my steps in.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weight loss and medication

I think my medication for my HBP may be causing some issues for my weight loss. A friend (who is a nurse) mentioned it to me because we were talking about health and my HBP and I never really paid attention to the side affects of my medication. I looked it up and found some information online. Weight gain and/or the inability to lose weight is a side affect. However, I have been losing weight and have been very successful at it for two years, so maybe it isn't a problem? I don't know, however it gives me something to talk to my doctor about if I continue to struggle.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update: Weigh in and other stuff...

Sorry I haven't written. I've been busy with life, but I know that isn't really an excuse. I didn't get the job that I wanted, which I have come to terms with. I was sad, but I got over it and will keep looking. There is something better for me out there! I know there is - there has to be.

As for weight loss, I lost 3.6lbs this week, reaching 239.8 WW (237.8 @ home). I was glad for the weight loss. Since the scale and I have a "date" once a week, I don't focus on the number like I had been doing, but I'm focusing more on my food by making sure I measure my food and picking healthy stuff for my body. I feel good physically and the choices that I have been making, and that is most important for me. It seems to be working.

Today is just a yucky day - gray skies and rain - total northwest weather. Fall is here and now I have to go back to my exercise videos, gym and treadmill for activity. There will be days that I will go hiking or on long walks outdoors, but I will need to invest in some really good water proof shoes and jackets.

The family and I went to REI to browse the other day, and I saw some waterproof hiking shoes that I wanted by KEEN. Right now, I can't justify the purchase but they are on my wish list.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The End of Summer

It is so freaking warm here today, it's crazy!! I'm loving it because I have a feeling that this is it for really warm weather here in Seattle. It may get close to 90. I love both summer and fall. I love fall because of the different colors of the changing leaves, the crisp weather and Halloween (which, by far, is my fave holiday). Summer is great, because I love the sun and the warm temps. I was hoping for a gradual season change, but I think the weather (according to weather folks, who I have a hard time believing) is supposed to change dramatically next week. Oh well! C'est la vie!

Summer was good though. I didn't lose any substantial weight , but I did more outdoor activity than I did last year, and that felt great. I was more active with my family and discovered that I love hiking. Who would have thunk it?? :-)

I also had weigh in today at my WW meeting. I lost 1.8lbs this week. If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know I have been struggling with the same 5 or so lbs all summer. It has been so frustrating, but I am hoping that with the change of season, there will be a change in my weight. At least, I can hope.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feeling Motivated

A few weeks ago, I was feeling unmotivated. I was tired of trying to lose weight and just fed up with a scale that wasn't moving. This week, I'm feeling motivated. I decided not to get on the scale before weigh-in on Saturday at WW. It was hard, but it was time we took a little time apart. That was probably one of the reasons for my unmotivated feelings.

I didn't hear back today about the job. It makes me nervous and anxious, but I'm not running to food. I'm so proud of myself because of that. Before, I would be eating snacks and making cookies. Now, I exercise, eat an apple or read a book or magazine. What a difference 125lbs make.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday - Nothing too exciting

I had my second interview today, which went really well. I liked the woman that I met with and I am pretty excited about the position. Crossing my fingers. I am praying that I get this job!!! Oh well, I should know tomorrow or Thursday.

Yesterday, I cleaned out my closet and I still had a couple of 24's in there, along with 22's that are way too big now. I have several size 20 slacks that should hold me for a little bit, until I start working and can afford to purchase new ones. I did get two pair of slacks a couple of weeks ago at LB and Talbots, so they are added to my stash! :-)

I don't have any jeans though. They are all too big. I was sad to get rid of some size 22 Levi's that I held on to for 8 years, hoping that I could wear them again. Well, now they are in the donation bag. However, Avenue was having a sale (FYI) where they would give you $5 towards new jeans, if you bring in a pair of gently worn jeans to give away. If I had the extra mulla, I would do that. I wish I could have got these awesome trouser jeans I saw at he Gap Outlet. They were so nice and could be dressed up, because they were a dark wash. Oh well. I will find some again, when I start working.

I'm going to do the treadmill again. I jogged/walked earlier this morning for an hour, but I have nervous energy and I would rather burn it out, than do what I usually did in the past, which is eat. I go!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Scale & I

The scale and I need to take a break from each other. We aren't doing each other any good. I'm doing everything right and he is just not showing any of the effort that I would expect. It is a toxic relationship and I think that we need to take a break, reassess the situation and then see if we should get back together sometime in the future. I know that I will have to continue my weekly weigh-in at Weight Watchers, but that will be it. We shall see if I can stay away.

I gained again this week (.8 lbs). My leader and I went over my food journal and activity this week. Activity was great (35 APs) and I stayed within my points for week, and only used 7 WPs. My leader thinks that it is stress that is causing me to hold the weight - stress from job loss and all the crap that comes with it. I told her I've been job interviewing and she thinks that once I start working, my body will start to give up the weight again. Maybe she is right? I don't know. I just know the scale is not my friend right now. It is such a one sided relationship. I'm tired of giving, with nothing to show for it. I have to find other ways to track my progress.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Discovering My Love of Hiking & NSV

Who knew that I would love hiking so much?? I sure didn't. We went hiking on Tuesday and again today. We had a great time and we have the family photos to show for it. Check us out! The picture to the left is from the Cougar Mountain Regional Trail hike we did. It was really fun and we stayed on the lower path, which is much smoother than the upper trails. I don't think the little one is ready to do any of the upper trails, where there is higher elevation but I want to give them a try. I may have to go back alone or with the hubby or friend to do the more advanced trails.

The next photo is from the hike today. We did the Paradise Valley Conservation Trail which opened Earth Day 2009. It is used for hiking, mountain biking and horse back riding. We didn't see any horses, but we saw lots of horse poop. I also got out my trekking poles, which I read about in a post by Mizfit. They are actually great to use and I worked up a good sweat. I've seen people with them before, but never knew what they were. I'm glad I found a cheap pair (Target has Eddie Bauer ones for $20.00), until I can find better ones at a thrift shop or REI (someday) ;-).

Anyway, the hubby gets foot surgery tomorrow and I have to take him to the doctor after my weigh in. He will be laid up for 10 days and I will have to continue being occupied, probably taking the little one on short jaunts. There is a trail that I want to try that goes for 1.5 miles out to Puget Sound and supposedly a great place to take kids to beach comb on the Sound.

So, I'm loving hiking! Seriously, I am!! I would have never thought I would want to be one of those people who walked along in the woods for fun. It feels so good. I have to invest in some Gortex when I start working, so I can do hiking in the fall and winter here in the NW.

As for my NSV.....I tried on clothes at the Gap Outlet and they fit!!! In the past, I would always walk by the store, wishing that I could shop at the Gap. So, yesterday we went to an outlet mall near our house. I tried on a combination of 18 and 20 size pants. I'm in between, which is weird. The 20's are baggy in the waist, but fit everywhere else. The 18's fit in the waist, but are tight in the butt and thighs! Ugh! I was so excited though. I danced in the mirror in the dressing room. I came out and showed the hubby who clapped for me. Ha! Ha!! It was hilarious!

I didn't buy anything for 1) $$ and 2) I will be losing more weight. As for my weight this week, ugh! It hasn't budged at all, which is totally frustrating. I have been totally active all week and journaling all my food to show my WW leader, but nothing...nada! No progress!! I will report back on what she says tomorrow. I think it would be good to get her opinion on what I could be doing better.

I would love to be under 200lbs by January 1st, but every time I set goals like that for myself, it doesn't happen. I looked back at the goal I set 1 1/2years ago at Sparkpeople and my goal was @ November 1, 2009 to be at my goal weight! Yeah, not meeting that goal.

Oh well, I don't like to set those types of goals for myself. Being able to shop at the Gap was a goal that I made and it feels good knowing that I can. The scale will eventually catch up.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Walks and more walks!

Mizfit had a post yesterday about walking that was a great read. Yesterday, I went for another walk with the family after the hubby got off from work. It was so nice and the little one got to see some of our nearby nature. We saw cranes, ducks, squirrels, raccoons and tons of rabbits. The toddler was enjoying herself. It was a nature walk, with areas where there were posters that discussed the habitat and the different animals that can be found in the area. It was fun and exhausting.

Today, I hope to do another walk. I have to check out my book Best Hikes With Kids I bought to see where we should go today. I really like the book because it gives great descriptions of the different trails and areas in Western Washington.

My interview went well yesterday. The job is actually a contracting job for 6 months with the option to renew for another 6 months. However, I'm still waiting to hear back about the second interview for the other job. If I don't hear anything today, I will contact the recruiter to see what is up. I will hear probably by the end of the day about the contracting job.

Anyway, I am off to get the toddler (well, she isn't a toddler anymore)ready. I will update about the jobs and walk later.