Saturday, April 2, 2011

Running for the hills...

I started my running program this week (thanks MissHaneefa for the program), which started off  rocky because of my hacking cough.  My whole family has been sick, so of course I pick up the cooties too.  We've been passing it back and forth (not fun) to each other for over a month, but I think I'm working through it.  I was supposed to do my long run today, but I will do it tomorrow. I'm feeling better, so think that this is a turn for the sickness in our home (fingers crossed).

My friend also signed up for the Seattle Rock-n-Roll 1/2 marathon.  We are really excited! She has been running for years and has been offering advice, so I feel that I have a mentor to help me become a runner, or a better runner. It feels good to have someone there watching my back and cheering me on.

Weigh in was okay today...I lost 1 lb, so I'll take it. I am looking into purchasing some runner gear (i.e. running skirt, top, new sport bra),  but money is tight, so I have to find some items on sale possibly? I've seen some really cute running outfits, but I need some items that will wick away the sweat. What I've been running in is mostly cotton, so I just need to invest in something decent, that will hold up. 


MissHaneefa said...

I am so glad that you are doing well with the program.

Congrats on the loss.

The CilleyGirl said...

I've found some really good running clothes at Kohl's. I think the brand is called Tek Gear, I've found running capris for about $10 max that are great.

purple_moonflower123 said...

Thanks CilleyGirl for the advice. I will have to check out Kohl's. I don't want to spend to much $$ on running clothes, but I want to get some things that will last.