Sunday, April 17, 2011

Running in the Rain

Oh man!  I did 6.35 miles this morning, outdoors in the rain. It was yucky and I was soaked!  It wasn't pouring, but it was enough to keep me damp and uncomfortable. My glasses were all fogged up!  I was layered up, had on gloves and a jacket and I just did it (Nike had it right).  I ran/walked using my lovely hot pink Gymboss.  I love that thing! According to my hear rate monitor, I burned 1065 calories. :-)

It felt good to get out there.  It is very different running outside than on a treadmill, so it is good that I'm doing both to train for my race. I'm not really into running in the rain, but since I live in the PNW, it is hard to find a time to run outdoors when it isn't raining.  LOL!  So, I got to do it when I can.

As for the weight, I'm staying the same.  No changes. :-(  I'm hoping that since I am back to running, I will begin to drop weight again, as long as I watch and log my points/calories.