Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rocked and Rolled!

Bling 010

So, this is my fab finishing bling from the 1/2 marathon last weekend.  This week, I’ve been a work out queen too.  My friend and I are doing the Seattle 1/2 marathon in November, so I need to:

  1. Get in shape and build up my endurance.
  2. Lose weight and stop dragging my feet when it comes to getting this 50lbs off so I can be at my goal.
  3. Exercise at least 4 days a week (if not more).
  4. Write down my food/caloric intake each day.

I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership. I know! Shocking!  My leader totally understood that right now, it isn’t in my budget.  I plan to go back, once the hubs starts working again.  It came down to either WW or my gym membership.  I rather have the gym membership, than the WW membership.  I am using  MyFitnessPal, which is a huge database and a good way for me to journal, for free. Winking smile(If you use MyFitnessPal, please add me, “weightoflife,” as a friend.)

My friend that I’m training with and going to the gym with, we are holding each other accountable, which is what WW was for me….accountability.  She is getting married in October, so she has a goal in mind.  I have this 50lbs to lose, so that is my focus.

I don’t have more pictures from the 1/2 marathon.  I didn’t carry a camera or pull out my cell.  Taking pictures was the last thing on my mind at the time.  Next time, I hope to be better prepared.


NotPregnantJustFat said...

I'm with you on needing to be accountable. I've got to get back on the journaling track. I aspire to be able to do a half marathon. Congrats on getting out there and doing it!

Miss April said...

Umm, can you say 'awesome'? Congrats, way to keep up with your goals. November's run is going to be a breeze!

i_amEatingRight said...

Congrats again! Love the bling.

Bonnie said...

I bling is hot, wear it with pride girl, you should be so proud!

I also use My Fitness Pal, it is amazing and free!!!!