Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heat Wave in the PNW

It is Sunday and I want to make plans to get out of the house with the family; however, I have laundry piled up and it is getting out of control.  The weather her in Seattle is warm and it sucks having the dryer going and going.  The hubby started work last week.  The position goes to the end of the year, but pays more than unemployment. 

As for me, I am getting more serious about finding a permanent position.  I have friends (both inside and outside of work) who are looking for jobs.  We are all looking out for each other, which is kind of nice.  I hope to find something soon, but with the economy, it is all questionable?

As for weight loss, the weight is holding steady and I feel better physically and emotionally, since I started exercising again regularly.  I will again wake up early to exercise next week. 

Okay off to do something with the family.  Have a great day!


Bonnie said...

Happy that your man found a job, something is always better than nothing!!!

Good luck on finding one yourself, and keeping motivated!!!

Lori said...

Isn't it amazing how much exercise can help your state of mind?