Monday, February 21, 2011

President’s Day

I took today off from work, spending it with the kid since she was off from school.  We hung out, watched Cinderella (the Brandy version) and headed out to one of the outlet malls for sales.  I got jeans and cargo pants at the Gap.  She got shoes, a cute shirt and yoga pants.  We walked around the mall, which is outdoors, so when it started pouring rain, we ran back to the car.

After the mall, with a quick stop at Wal-Mart (which I never go to), we headed home.  Right now, she is passed out! I think it wore her out, which is good.

This weekend, I worked and had weigh in.  Weigh in gave me a gain of a pound.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I haven’t had any real activity in 2 weeks, but I started changing that around.  I don’t feel good if I’m not exercising and getting activity these past couple of days has shown me what a funk I’ve been in.  I am also eating to much carby stuff, so that isn’t helping either.  I just need to kick my own ass, I know.

I have my veggies from Full Circle, which I use every week.  I feel like for the past couple of months, my head has been in a fog but I feel myself snapping out of it. 

I did pick up a dvd and a cool Trader Joe’s cookbook at a Border’s Books & Music store closure. So sad, but I got some deals.  Here is my my cookbook….

and here is the dvd….

Haven’t tried either one yet, but looking forward to them both! Maybe I’ll have a date with Jackie later. Winking smile

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sorry I’ve been missing in action.  I’ve been really busy with work (i.e. working weekends, as well as weekdays), as well as dealing with the never ending TOM (2 weeks, but hopefully finished).  I also have had much to say lately.  With work, home and trying to squeeze in a workout, my life has been pretty hectic but not very exciting.

So, I really want to get better at updating my blog, as well as reading and commenting on other blogs.  Blogs have helped me on my journey, so I really want to continue reading and writing.

Weigh in on Saturday gave me zero loss for the week.  A regular member, who stopped coming after reaching lifetime, was back because she had been gaining.  I told her to continue coming o meetings.  Support is so important, no matter where you get it…via a blog, a friend or a WW meeting.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting over it!

I have the flu. Meh!  I went to the Dr. earlier this week and it was confirmed, that I’m battling the flu.  The week before, I had gone to the Dr. for an IUD insertion.  I debated over it since I had my previous one removed six months ago.  I talked it over with the hubby, and decided that right now it was a good option.  We shall see how it goes!

As for the flu, it sucks!  I think the chills are what gets me every time.  I’m feeling better than I did, but I’m just riding it out. It has really kicked my a@@.  I hate being sick, but I march on!

Weigh in this morning brought me a .4lb loss. I’ll take it.  I feel like I got hit by a bus and my exercise (and blogging) has been non-existent.  One thing though is I don’t have an appetite.  I have been eating mostly soup, both homemade (which was frozen) and canned and oranges.  Since we all have been sick, I haven’t grocery shopped so that is on my agenda for tomorrow.  I have to get some lean meets and additional fruits & veggies (outside of the ones I received in my weekly delivery box).   I cannot eat another can of soup!

So, next week is all bout trying to get back into the swing of things.  I’ve rested and now I need to actually get better and feed myself better.  So, chicken, ground turkey breast, bananas,cucumbers, oh my…as well as other items are on my shopping  list for tomorrow.  SmileLooking forward to it!