Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rock-n-Roll Seattle!

O.M.G.  I did it!  I signed up for the Rock-n-Roll Marathon in June.  I’m running  the half, but that is just a huge for me!  I signed up tonight.  I was back and forth with my husband about it before pushing the registration button.  Some of the conversation was like this:

“Honey, do you think I should.”

“Yes, sign up.  You can do it.”

“I don’t know.  What if don’t run the whole thing?  What if I don’t finish?  Am I still to fat to be thinking about doing something like this?”

“Well, you won’t know unless you sign up and do it. And by the way, you aren’t fat. Yeah, you want to lose more weight, but you are healthy. Remember, your Wii Fit age is 25.”

“(Laughing) Okay, I’m doing it!  I’m pushing the button.”  (Pushes button!)

*** OMG!  What did I just do!!****

  This was incentive to get my behind moving and in gear.  I’m sick of being complacent and “comfortable”.  I am freaking out, but it is a good freak out.  I know this is what I need and it was a big step in the right direction.

My friend, who just got engaged yesterday (Congrats girl if you are reading this!), said that she was going to sign up with me.  She better (you heard me)!  They are 85% full!!

OMG…okay, I’m still freaking!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The good....I lost the 5 lbs plus an additional .2 lbs this week.  I am also sore from the working out I've been doing, which is really good.  I am doing it, but not as "hard core" as I had been.  I'm working on it.

The bad...I'm not as motivated as I could be.  I know the potential I have, and I want to get back there.  I'm a work in progress right now, just trying to get my head back in the game.  I also have a sick kid, so that is a battle itself. She has another fever and is miserable.  I may be working home tomorrow.

The ugly...We got a Wii from my mom.  She thought it would be a good family gift.  It was good and I'm actually sore from using the Wii Fit and the Jillian Michaels DVD my mom included.  However, my husband tried to participate and the Wii Fit board has a 330lbs weight limit, and he discovered that he is over that limit.  I think that has spurned him to do something about his weight, so that is actually an ugly thing, turned into something good.

Okay, off to give a sick kid another dose of medicine....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Talking myself into it

After the lovely brunch, which was a fundraiser for a good cause in Seattle, we all went over to a friends house and had tea.  The food at the brunch was really good.  I have a vegetable strata, with fruit and a blueberry muffin.  I had coffee too, because there was no way in heck I was going to make it through the day without it.  I know…I’m a caffeine addict.  I will admit.

I had mentioned to a couple of friends that I wanted to go to the gym before I went home.  I had packed my gym bag, my new shoes (I got for a great deal),


Ryka Pursuit 2

my IPod and my March ‘11 edition Oxygen Magazine.  I told myself that I was not going to skip it, even though as it got closer to 4 pm and then 4:30pm, I tried to talk myself out of it. 

I got in my car, and drove to the gym. I got dressed, got on the elliptical for 45 minutes and then went a did bicep curls, triceps extension, and the leg press.

I felt so awesome afterwards.  I never remember how good it feels, until after I do it.  Working out makes me feel amazing, but when I have gone a little bit without it, I can totally talk myself out of it.  That has to stop now.  I am hoping that this is what I need to get back in the groove.

Daylight Savings ….Ugh!

I have vowed to get myself out of this funk.  Seriously, I hate feeling this way.  I’m up 5 lbs this week, and really I’m not surprised.  I really didn’t care and ate whatever.  I tracked, but I didn’t care.  Wine, eating out , and happy hour are not conducive to weight loss.  It was a wake up call getting on the scale yesterday.  If I didn’t weigh myself everyday and remain accountable with my Saturday weigh in, I could spiral out of control.

Daylight savings time also kicked my butt this morning.  I woke up and thought I has slept in so late and feel like I have to rush around.  I have to meet friends at noon for a fund-raiser brunch.  I am packing up my workout bag so that right after the brunch, I’m going to the gym. 

Okay, off to get ready….more later.  I just need to clear the air, so I can get back on track.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am feeling better today.  Not so much in a funk, but really trying to get my act together.  The most interesting thing this week is that my husband has discovered "juice love".  We got a juicer from the sister-in-law. From the vegetables and fruits we get delivered every week, the hubby has turned to juicing.  Not such bad thing.  I think it will be good for him.  I only have a little and it taste.  Who knew kale and oranges taste good in juice form?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


That’s what has been going on in my life.  Nothing.  No weight loss, no new job, no lottery…nothing.  So, I have been feeling really blah, trying my best to feel better.  I’ve just been working, coming home, getting in a workout when I can.  Just unmotivated.

Spring is coming and the thought of that makes me feel better, but I don’t know.  I’ve just been down lately, worrying about money, jobs and weight.  Hopefully, I’ll have a happier post soon.