Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guiltless Gourmet -- Where Are You?

Okay, a co-worker and I are trying to figure out why we cannot find Guiltless Gourmet chips in our stores anymore?  At my local Fred Meyer, one day they were there, the next day they were gone and haven't been seen since. She has been searching high and low, and still no chips. I've e-mailed the company and there has been no response.  I loved, loved the Mucho Nacho ones; so, if anyone has the 411 on the MIA Guiltless Gourmet chips, please let me know!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Iron Girl & Other Stuff

It has been a pretty busy week.  I worked out 4 times, but have still been eating out too much.  This week, I’ve planned dinners and my lunches, so that will totally help.

Last Sunday, the kid and I did the Iron Girl 5K in Seattle:

Iron Girl Finish

We had a great time!  She wore her tutu and looked adorable.  She complained after mile 1, but I kept telling her to keep pushing.  We finished, got out medals and snack bags (which she was thankful for…she started getting hungry towards the end). 

So, that has been that.  Nothing else exciting.  My friend’s wedding is coming up.  I pick up my dress on Friday.  I got Spanx, which is needed to help smooth down problem areas that show because 1) the dresses are tight and 2) the fabric is not forgiving for any “imperfections”. 

Okay, off to get the kid ready for bed and school tomorrow.  Where did my weekend go?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Working Out & Life

I’m still on my morning regimen of getting up early (MWF) and working out on Saturday and Sunday.  It is working, but I just need to get my eating in check.

I got fitted for my bridesmaid dress and got silver shoes (the bride’s request) to go with it.  I have been busy with work and just trying to find a better job (although the job market sucks).  So, nothing really exciting going on, which is probably why I rarely blog anymore. 

However, I like to touch base and I hope to eventually find my blog mojo again.